Caring for the Environment

Our supplier Regal Springs is committed to caring for the environment where our fish are raised. They work closely with the people, the organizations and the governments in the areas where they raise fish in Indonesia and other countries. Regal Springs deeply respect and improve the environmental health of these regions and bring best practices from around the world to the fishing communities. Read about some of the things they do to care for the environment below.

Clean water is Regal Springs’ business, so they make sure they have an exceptional track record of environmental sensitivity and best practice fishing operations. They conduct extensive water monitoring at on-site water quality labs to ensure that the ecosystems of the lakes and reservoirs remain healthy.

They use floating feed to eliminate wasted resources and avoid contamination.

Water from their processing operations is managed with advanced water treatment systems and is recycled by utilising it to fertilize and irrigate crops.


However, one of the greatest immediate threats to the water is from deforestation that could result in land erosion, introducing unhealthy levels of organic matter into the waters. Regal Springs work with local communities, non-government organizations and government agencies to keep this from happening.

Their “Fish for Trees” project, for example, teaches local residents how they can find careers in aquaculture instead of deforesting environmentally sensitive areas. This program also teaches local residents about finding more efficient heating and cooking methods than wood-fired furnaces and stoves. They provide funding and infrastructure for reforestation projects so communities can help reverse past years of deforestation and damage.

As pressure increases on land and throughout the world, Regal Springs provides a viable option for sustainability, corporate leadership and environmental stewardship. For more information about Regal Springs Environmental Programs go to