Regal Springs Tilapia is new in Australian so there are some frequently asked questions about the product, food safety and sustainability.

I’ve heard and read that Tilapia is unsafe to eat. Is Regal Springs Tilapia safe?

Not All Tilapia Are Created Equal – Regal Springs Tilapia is the best and safe because of the way it is raised and prepared for you. In fact the best health and safety certifiers in the world stand behind the Regal Springs fish. It is grown in pristine, deep-water lakes in Indonesia and packed in state-of-the-art processing facilities. No antibiotics, growth hormones or chemicals are used and the fish are fed only the highest-quality floating food, made from soybeans, corn and grains.

What are the health benefits of eating Regal Springs Tilapia?

Regal Springs Tilapia is grown in pristine, deep-water lakes in Indonesia. It is a healthy, gluten-free protein choice for a balanced diet. The fish is high in protein while low in calories, fat and carbohydrates. Additionally, Regal Springs Tilapia is rich in vitamin B-12, niacin, selenium, phosphorous and magnesium. Omega-3 levels in Regal Springs Tilapia match that of other popular seafood, including Yellowfin tuna. It is important to note that the fat content in Regal Springs Tilapia is directly connected to what the fish are fed. Regal Springs Tilapia is grown on a controlled feed and uses a primarily herbivore diet, hence our fish are very lean.

Is Regal Springs Tilapia safe for pregnant women?

Yes, Regal Springs Tilapia is safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. Many wild caught fish have levels of mercury which may not be safe for pregnant women to consume. Farmed in pristine lakes using floating nets, controlling the feed and conducting extensive on-site water testing, ensure that Regal Springs Tilapia are not exposed to contaminants including mercury. As a result, Regal Springs Tilapia is safe for all consumers, including young children and pregnant and nursing women.

Do you use antibiotics and growth hormones?

No, our supplier Regal Springs does not use any antibiotics, growth hormones or chemicals – the fish is All-Natural. They also limit fish stocking densities, appropriately sites nets and meet the nutritional requirements of the fish to prevent the incidence and spread of disease.

Is your fish organic?

All our Regal Springs Tilapia is All-Natural and contains no antibiotics, growth hormones or chemicals and is mercury and gluten-free. Regal Springs had an organic label for some time, however, the retail market was unwilling to support the higher prices and as such, the fish is no longer certified organic. However Regal Springs continue to lead the way in environmental and social stewardship.

What happens with processing waste?

Regal Springs is committed to corporate and environmental stewardship at all levels and have a strict a zero-waste policy. The fillets represent 35 percent of each fish. The remaining 65 percent is used for among other things, the production of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, fashion applications, biodiesel production, compost and animal feed.

Are genetically modified organism (GMO) fish involved?

Our supplier Regal Springs does not use any GMO fish and keeps its fish stock healthy by selecting the strongest fish to reproduce.

What species is Regal Springs Tilapia?

Regal Springs Tilapia Orechromis niloticus.

How is the feed made?

Our supplier Regal Springs owns and operates its own feed mills in Indonesia. They may purchase from third party suppliers using the set feed formulations provided, depending on production requirements.

What is in the feed?

The fish are raised on a primarily vegetable-based diet consisting mostly of soybean meal, various premium grains, cereals and corn meal. Vitamins and minerals are included to ensure an optimal diet for our fish.

How do I cook with Regal Springs Tilapia?

Regal Springs Tilapia can be substituted in any recipe calling for white fish, poultry or tofu. Please visit the recipe section of our website for delicious and easy to prepare recipes.