Great Southern Pinnacle

100% Grass Fed

MSA Certified

No antibiotics or growth hormones

Great Southern Pinnacle Grass Fed Beef is produced from the finest quality British and European breeds of cattle sourced from the lush and fertile pastures of Southern Australia where a reliable year-round rainfall creates the perfect environment for raising high quality natural beef.

Pinnacle delivers flavoursome and tender meat that is sustainably farmed.

Raised on a pure grass fed diet and free from added hormones and antibiotics, Great Southern Pinnacle is perfectly suited for those who want confidence their beef has been raised in an all natural manner, but without compromising on flavour, juiciness and tenderness.

Marble Score of 2+

Be it a succulent rib eye steak, luxurious yakiniku short rib or a flavoursome family roast, Great Southern Pinnacle will leave your diners, family and friends with a truly memorable eating experience