To the chef,

“I have been using Kariba Bream™ – all natural regal springs tilapia since May 2015 as our Traditional Fish & Chips in both the Bar and Main dining menus.  Kariba Bream™ has a mild flavoured, firm yet moist texture and is very easy to handle and cook in a variety of ways. The fillets are very consistent in size and are trimmed with the skin off so we achieve a 100pct yield. The product is of excellent quality and consistency and we have had only positive feedback from customers.

Pricing is very reasonable allowing us to make good margins with the dish. Another feature is that the fish is farmed sustainably and ethically which is becoming more important for consumers.  I have not seen another product in the market place which performs as well as Kariba Bream™ or this menu application.

Put simply – this fish just works”  

Nick Crowe Head Chef
Rising Sun Hotel


To the consumer,

“We are excited to have formed a partnership with Fisher Direst in Australia to manage marketing and distribution of our Tilapia products under the Kariba Bream™ brand. Not all Tilapia are created equal – quite simply Kariba Bream™ is the best because of the way it is raised and prepared for you by us in Indonesia. Kariba Bream™ is a more sustainable alternative to many wild caught fish and it does not contain mercury or other contaminants.

We understand and respect that you only want to serve the best. Kariba Bream™ is raised in a clean and safe environment which makes all the difference to fish health—and we are working with Fisher Direct to ensure quality is maintained and you are always satisfied.”

Rudi Lamprecht,
President Regal Springs – USA