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Value for money, healthy and delicious. Kariba Bream™ is an incredibly versatile, mild-tasting fish with a firm, white and flaky flesh. Kariba Bream™ is hand-cut and deep trimmed resulting in uniform size and consistent quality, packed ready to prepare! The mild flavor is popular with people who do not normally eat fish, especially fussy children.

SKINLESS & BONELESS WHOLE FILLETS (4.54kg packs): 85-141g, 113-170g, 141-198g or 198-255g serves

Kariba Bream™ boneless and skinless fillets are conveniently packed for easy preparation. It takes on the flavour of any sauce, batter, marinade and seasoning. Sensational for beer battered fish with chips, burgers, Mexican, fish cakes and curries.

Portions (4.54kg packs): 42-70g or 57–85g serves

Kariba Bream™ boneless and skinless portions are outstanding value. Thinner than the premium fillet they are ideal for small serve fish’n’chips or grilled.

Loins (4.54kg packs): 85–114g serves

Our Kariba Bream™ loins are hand-cut from the best and thickest part of the fillet. This prime cut is great grilled and can easily be baked, sautéed. They make excellent crumbed, battered, in burritos, ceviche and fish tacos! Its consistency and competitive price make it ideal for hotels, clubs and convenience food outlets.

The pristine growing environment, chemical free production status and high quality grain based feed, all contribute to making Kariba Bream™ a fine table fish. Renowned for its eating qualities and consistency, the species is now the MOST POPULAR white-fleshed fish in the USA.



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