About Us

We Source only the finest seafood and meat.

At Matchless Food, we bring to the table sustainable, traceable and high quality meat and seafood products for the Food Service industry.

We’ve scoured the globe to deliver our niche range of highest quality seafood and meat items. We consistently deliver restaurant quality products that are ethically and sustainably farmed, grown, fished or harvested to our wholesale and retail customers by providing them with a consistent quality and service they can rely upon.

Social and Environmental

As Seafood suppliers, one of our key objectives is to source our seafood products from sustainable wild fisheries or aquaculture farms. In order to achieve this, we target products from fisheries and farmers that hold a similar view and passion for sustainability.

With a growing population and seafood consumption is always on the rise, we make a point to not only source high quality products, but products that have a minimal impact on the environment and a positive effect on the people who are associated with producing them.

When sourcing and selecting these products, we ensure they are harvested and processed ethically and in a way that doesn’t harm their surrounding environment.

The Matchless Food Team

Our Matchless Food team team are based in both Melbourne and Adelaide.

Our experience and knowledge has been built over many, many years in the seafood and meat industry working across domestic and international sales, purchasing, importing, exporting and distribution. The success of the Matchless Food business is our focus on quality products and meeting the needs of our customers, always.